Celebrities Who Use Bowen Therapy

Bear Grylls​ – Adventurer and TV presenter has regular Bowen Therapy and now regards it as an essential part of his preparation and recovery. He states “Bowen has helped keep my body together despite the continual bashing it takes, it’s a vital support in putting right a whole range of new aches and pains, making sure that old injuries don’t cause me problems and helping me fight stress and fatigue.” (DAILY MAIL)

James Ellison​ – World Champion Super bike Racer is an avid user of BowenTherapy and relies on it to stay sharp for his career and claims it has been a life changing experience for him. James admits regrets about not trying BowenTherapy sooner as all his ‘niggling pains’ seemed to have subsided considerably as a result. He reports “I have never felt so good and will continue to recommend it to anyone looking for pain relief or even just wanting to improve their quality of life. We need to spread the word, this technique really is life changing!”(BOWEN THERAPY PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION)

Henry Wyndham ​– Sotheby’s chairman say “I think I had tried everything from acupuncture and osteopathy, to a healer and nothing worked”. He went on to tryBowen and to his astonishment, felt immediate relief for the first time in months.(WHAT DOCTORS DON’T TELL YOU)

Janey Lee Grace​ – Radio 2 co-host on the Steve Wright show​is an advocate forBowen Therapy, especially for mothers and babies and states how incredible it as for helping with back pain. (BOWEN THERAPY ORG)

Frances Osborne ​– British Author and Chancellor’s wife was treated successfully for agonising back pain that left her unable to more than a few yards, it was reported. (DAILY MAIL)

Elle Macpherson ​– Australian model and actress and Sam Taylor-Johnson ​–English filmmaker and photographer both used Bowen Therapy for back pain, nausea and other pregnancy related pains. (BOWEN THERAPY PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION)

Kylie Minogue ​– Australian singer and actress is reputed to be a fan of BowenTherapy. (BOWEN THERAPY PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION)

Dwight Yorke ​– Professional Footballer is reported to also be a fan of BowenTherapy. (SAGA MAGAZINE)

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