“I had never heard of the Bowen Technique but was willing to try anything to try to walk again…I could feel a difference from the moment she started treating me and each time she treated me I could feel the improvement. It was truly astonishing how my legs were strengthening and my general health was improving steadily and by the 5th treatment was walking with a frame”.
Irish Times

“The Bowen Technique – which seems to gentle to have any effect – can help with problems such as backache and migraine, often when medicine can’t. Some GP’s now refer patients to Bowen Therapists because it is simple, gentle and with outside effects.”
Saga Magazine

“Many patients, particularly children, report that they found relief from their asthma from the technique.”
The Times Magazine

“Most of those who turn to the technique suffer from persistent complaints such as backache that conventional medicine has not healed.”
The Guardian

“It is a gentle hands on therapy that triggers the body’s own healing mechanism and many have reported feeling amazing after just one session and in some cases longer standing pain can be relieved in as few as 3 – 5 sessions.”
The Express

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