You may be asking yourself why should I use Body Mind Bowen for my problem and what makes them different to any other therapist out there?That’s a good question and my answer is simple, my service is multi faceted and truly holistic. I provide rigorous structured physical assessment and treatment and psychological assessment and treatment, all of which are individually tailored to the client. I can offer my clients confidence and assurance in my ability from having the benefit of many years NHS knowledge and practice experience from my Ambulance Service career. I am BSc degree educated in healthcare and am a qualified and experienced body and mind worker and am fully registered and insured in my practice.

The Body Mind Bowen treatment approach has been developed from my determination to promote good health and wellness for all, by changing people’s pain and dysfunctional patterns where current NHS treatment models have not succeeded.

“What is hurting you today could hurt you tomorrow if you choose not to change something” (Claire Makarewicz 2018)

Neuroscience has medically proven that pain does not have to have a physical cause and this has been a significant breakthrough in how effective using the right therapy can be. By applying the Body Mind Bowen approach we can establish what is driving your dysfunction, be it physical or psychological. From there we can make changes so you are better empowered to learn, unlearn and relearn new ways of being to get you back in the driving seat towards better health and happiness.

Just as our physical musculature responds from unconscious memory enabling us to stand and walk without even thinking about it, our minds also respond unconsciously to memories that can make us feel well or unwell. The mind is widely regarded amongst health experts as an incredibly powerful tool, particularly when treating chronic pain and dysfunction. So imagine if you could use your most powerful tool to make changes for good, the question is would you want to and who could you become if you did? This is where Body Mind Bowen provides a unique therapeutic service like no other. Helping you to learn more about how you currently function with your problems in the world around you and then retraining your body and mind to new, healthier patterns, is what sets Body Mind Bowen apart from other services.

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