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Who am I?

Well my name is Claire Makarewicz and I was born in Hampshire and have an older sister. My parents, sister and I moved to Cornwall in 1982 and here we set up home together until I left Cornwall for Devon in 2014 and now live in Exeter with my own family. The only difference between the two counties for me is how you eat your scones, because both are as beautiful as each other. I love home life and being outdoors when I can, rain or shine, and I have a passion for horses, dogs and people. I’ve owned, ridden and fallen off a few horses over the years and decided my hobby induced injuries needed to be reduced, so chose to own dogs and partake in dog agility. That was until an overly exuberant me became injured, forcing me to take early retirement from this hobby. I love the ocean and being on it in a canoe or on a paddle board, or in it swimming with my dog. I like the snow and the sun and take pleasure in snowboarding wintertime and basking in summertime.

I like being sociable and meeting new people and believe that from every person I meet I learn something new. I have had a varied working life over the years. I originally set out as a determined school leaver and college graduate to have a lavish career working with horses. The saying “where there’s muck there’s brass” did not ring true for me and after a few years in the equine industry I realised it was not for me. It was at this point I became a lifeguard and rather enjoyed this role. I got to swim and enjoy fun camaraderie and help people, which gave me a sense of wellbeing.

So from this I joined the Ambulance Service and worked my way up rapidly to Paramedic status. Finding a career with longevity that I was pretty good at I chose to train as an Emergency Care Practitioner that meant 3 years at University whilst working full time. It was worth the effort when I look back now.

I have always had a desire for knowledge and learning and it was during my study time and Paramedic career that I became fascinated in pain and dysfunction. Also the curiosity I had from receiving Bowen Therapy after my dog agility injury, took me on a path that I have never looked back from since.

I soon set up my own business in 2014 with the intention of assessing and treating chronic pain, however, in my quest for knowledge I soon learned that looking at pain and dysfunction one dimensionally was not the answer. So I did my own unlearning and relearning and studied and qualified in both psychological and physical therapy and set up my current business of Body Mind Bowen. I now have the tools to make change happen for those brave enough to want to change.

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