What is Gravity?

Gravity is a lightweight, portable pain-relieving tool that has been designed for everyday use.It comprises of 2 plastic and silicone parts, one being a neck cradle and the other being a triangular shaped sacrum support. They both have specifically shaped soft acupressure-stimulating nodules on the skin side and a rigid plastic casing. They are easy to keep clean and to transport with you wherever you go, making it a truly essential tool in your management of pain and good posture.

How does Gravity work?

Gravity works by using your own body weight to apply gentle yet stimulating pressure to your central nervous system from your head to your sacrum and reconnecting the two. The physical release offered can reduce and relieve stiffness and poor posture by affecting the musculature that supports the head, neck, back and pelvis and can release bodily tensions and pain throughout your whole body. When you consider the head weighs about a quarter of our body weight, a head forward posture creates significant tension in our back and neck muscles. Using Gravity relaxes the components that cause the physical tension, thus reduced pain from relaxed tissues and better posture.

How do I use it?

Place your head and neck over the cradle as shown on the instructions and the triangular piece under your sacrum whilst lying on a firm surface with a slight support under the backs of your knees. Doing this for just 20 minutes a day is enough to impact your spinal pains and tensions and this in turn will improve your posture and way of moving.

How can Gravity help me?

Whilst nothing in life is absolute other than life and death, if you have a lifestyle that involves sitting or adopting poor postural positions or you have pre-existing musculoskeletal aches, pains or injuries then Gravity can help you manage your symptoms no matter how chronic or acute they may be. A majority of back pain is musculoskeletal and not spinal. Don’t just take my word for it, read the countless testimonials from clients who have successfully used it and continue to do so.

How much is Gravity?

Gravity retails at £99 and whilst you may think you are unable to afford to purchase this amazing tool, please take a moment to stop and think about how this investment could save you countless pounds in endless therapeutic treatments and medications month in month out and time off work dueto musculoskeletal pain. This tool is used daily and works for you wherever you are and whatever you are doing and will actually save you money.

How can I purchase Gravity?

Simply get in touch by calling/messaging me, Claire, on 07724 562951 or emailing or visiting Body Mind Bowen on facebook  complete the contact form. I look forward to introducing you to Gravity and a better way of managing pain.

Soul Mates Massaging Liquid Insoles (Fluid Orthotics)

What makes Soul Mates Unique?

Users describe them as like walking on wet sand or standing on a waterbed barefoot. When you first wear them they can give you a different sensation than what you are used to, due to the fluid protecting your feet from the firmness of the shoes that you have become familiar to. However, the relief the insole gives you quickly replaces this and because they are so thin, they take up minimal room in your shoe. With them being fluid based they move dynamically under the weight of your foot, creating a massaging effect that increases circulation significantly, 53% to be precise from clinical trials. These insoles create a uniquely healthy and natural environment for your feet reducing your pain and need to purchase costly orthotics and pain relief. They also relieve the problems of a variety of medical ailments that ordinary insoles cannot.

How do they work?

They are liquid glycerine filled, so cannot be compressed when you stand on them, therefore they do not flatten like other insoles offering greater support and being liquid based, mould naturally to the shape of your feet. These insoles provide a changeable surface for your feet for all activities such as walking, light impact sports and standing for long periods. They are so slim they can be worn with all types of footwear.Due to the increased circulation these soles give, your lower leg muscles may feel harder worked than usual. They offer the following:·

Arch Support –Gentle, comfortable, custom arch support unlike any other orthotic. On use, the glycerine is forced upwards into all of the unsupported parts of your feet by the weight of the heel and ball of your feet. This can offer instant relief to people with Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet and Collapsed Arches.

Cushioning–The force exerted into the feet upon movement is transferred into the liquid making it move forwards and backwards. Acting like a shock absorber, it can relieve the pressure in the ankles, knees and hips, particularly if you are walking on hard surfaces.

Massage -When the fluid is moved around by your feet it creates a gentle massage effect to your soles, increasing healthy blood flow and along with it oxygen to the musculature of the foot and lower limb. Improved circulation will make your feet feel warmer. This is significantly beneficial to people with poor circulation or foot and lower limb injuries.

How do they help  plantar fasciitis?

When the fluid of the insoles is moved under the arches of the feet, the ligaments are protected form tearing, giving greater comfort walking and relief from pain. To prevent tearing in the mornings, it is advised to place your insoles into your slippers and onto your feet before standing up, thus preventing further injury. The massaging action of these insoles will promote the healing and recovery.

How do they help bunions?

The insoles lift the arch of the feet and relieve the pressure on the attachments of the big toe helping it to relax which relieves the tension on the bunion, whilst also giving a soft surface for the bunion whilst walking.

How do they help lower back pain?

Due to the design of most shoes, with the heel being higher than the sole, we are thrown forwards. Our head weighs a quarter of our body weight adding to this forward pull and our back muscles have to engage to keep us upright. The dynamic nature of the insoles means the liquid can move to support our arches and which in turn tilts us backwards, encouraging the head back and thus relieving the tension in the spine and back musculature.

How do they help Morton’s neuroma?

The fluid insoles help to spread the weight evenly across the whole foot, reducing pressure on the on the ball of the foot and by encouraging the toes to move apart it reduces the pinching of the nerve between the toes.

How do they help diabetes and gout?

Increased blood flow to the feet reduces the build up of toxins in the tissues, particularly when circulation becomes slower. In people with diabetes and gout, sugar loaded tissues and uric crystal build up impair the circulation causing a variety of medical problems. Not only will these insoles provide a comfortable environment for your feet, they will increase healthy tissue function creating a healthy healing environment for your feet form your medical problems.

Customer Care Paramount

In case your insoles get damaged, each pair comes with a one-year unconditional warranty from the date of purchase and will be replaced immediately. Simply send them to: Soul-Mates, Goodlass House, Goodlass Road, Liverpool, L24 9HZ and a replacement pair will be sent out to you.

Wash Instructions

They are machine and hand washable and easy to keep clean. Wash them at least once a month or more frequently depending on level of use. If hand washing, use warm soapy water and if machine washing place them in either a wash bag or pillow case to protect them from slipping down the side of the drum.

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How much do the insoles cost?

The insoles cost £27.50 per pair or if you buy 2 pairs they are £25.00 each.

Feedback from your purchase

I want you to reap the maximum benefits of these unique insoles so it is important for you to do the following:
1. Wear your insoles everyday and make them part of your routine.
2. Take care of your insoles by adhering to the wash instructions.
3. Use your one-year unconditional replacement warranty if needed.
4. Recommend them to as many people as you can, so they too can benefit.
5. Get in touch with me on the details below and let me know your experience with your insoles so I can use your testimonials to help others who would benefit.

Simply get in touch by calling/messaging me, Claire, on 07724 562951 or emailing or visiting Body Mind Bowen on facebook or visiting my website leave a message/testimonial. Thank you.

I hope you enjoy your insoles and have happier feet and a more comfortable life.

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